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Discovering Scotland's most exotic garden



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Discovering Scotland's most exotic garden - Logan Botanic Garden
Discovering Scotland's most exotic garden - Logan Botanic Garden

Located on a narrow peninsula 14 miles south of Stranraer, Logan Botanic Garden is recognised worldwide as a plants man’s paradise. Influenced by the Gulf Stream, it enjoys an exceptionally mild climate, allowing plants from warm temperate regions to flourish. In particular, the Garden specialises in species from southern hemisphere countries such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

With its impressive Walled Garden, Logan is home to avenues of palms, groves of tree ferns and a dazzling array of Island Beds that provide colour all summer long. A tranquil Formal Pond, surrounded by elegant cabbage palms, is the ideal place to relax. In the Terrace Garden are plants from the Canary Islands and South America, including Echiums, with 12ft-high blue rocket-like flowers and Beschornerias, with 10ft-long vibrant red stems and pendulous flame-red flowers.

The Woodland is composed of bizarre trees and shrubs, mainly from Australia, New Zealand and Chile. Nowhere else in Scotland does Gunnera the, “giant Brazilian rhubarb”, grow so luxuriantly, attaining heights of 12ft, with leaves nearly five feet broad. Giant tree ferns and Eucalypts, meanwhile, provide a feeling of “Down Under” in the Tasmanian Creek. However, the Garden exists not just to transport visitors to some exotic land. Part of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, it conducts vital scientific research and conservation programmes. Logan specialises in tender rhododendrons, gingers from Vietnam and is home to various “Champion Trees”, indicating they are the UK’s largest. One fine example is the “filo pastry tree” Polylepis australis, so called because of the layers of mahogany-coloured flaky bark that insulate the plant from the cold in its native Andes.

With regular exhibitions and family events, Logan truly is a Garden for everyone. But, don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself: we look forward to welcoming you!

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