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My favourite room

Gerry Goldwyre

words Anna Devine photos Leigh Armour


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My favourite room - Gerry Goldwyre
My favourite room - Gerry Goldwyre
My favourite room - Gerry Goldwyre
My favourite room - Gerry Goldwyre
My favourite room - Gerry Goldwyre
My favourite room - Gerry Goldwyre

A man of tenacity who doesn’t believe in short cuts. He’s a talented architect, a respected watercolour artist and former winner of BBC’s Masterchef. We caught up with Gerry in ‘his favourite room’ at the award-winning woodland ‘eco house’ he shares with his wife Susan.

  1. What’s your favourite room? - This open-plan downstairs living/dining/kitchen area in our eco house.
  2. What is it about this room that makes it your favourite? - The inviting, open space and the fact that it’s multifunctional and I can enjoy the woodland garden even being inside. In the evening the atmosphere and effect of the outside lighting really kick in and it’s wonderfully relaxing.
  3. What do you do in this room? - As well as simply relaxing and cooking we’ve hosted a number of social events here. We’ve had large gatherings such as the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce hosting a networking event here as well as more intimate dinners with friends and family.
  4. How much time do you regularly spend in this room? - Lots. On a regular day we have breakfast, lunch and dinner here and friends seem to pop round regularly and are never in a hurry to leave.
  5. What’s your favourite feature or object in this room? - The built-in dining table. Like the room itself, it’s also multifunctional. It’s a work top, a dining space and a great meeting table. It even has built-in storage underneath – so yes, you could say it’s my favourite ‘object’.
  6. If you could name this room after someone famous who would it be? - Louis Armstrong. He was a favourite of my sadly departed parents. It is what I think of whilst sitting in that room watching the changing colours of the woodland. “I see trees of green, ...And I think to myself what a wonderful world.” Occasionally enjoyed with a good glass of wine.
  7. Are there any specific rules that apply to this room? - Yes – the rule is – there are no rules. We want this space to be inviting and relaxing, so there are no ‘take your heels off at the door’ signs.
  8. If you could add or change anything about this room what would it be? - Nothing. Although it took us 10 years to get the house through planning, on the plus side it also gave us plenty time to get it exactly the way we wanted it.
  9. If the walls in this room could speak what do you think they would they say to Gerry Goldwyre? - What took you?
  10. In one word – describe your relationship with this room? - Pleasure.

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